October 10th 2020: Look What You Can Do!

October 10th 2020: Look What You Can Do!

Dear Edith,

We’ve hit two major milestones in the past week. First of all, you can sit! Mostly unaided!

It struck me as we got towards your six month birthday that I had no idea how you can tell if babies can sit up unaided. It’s not like you were going to go from lying on your back to upright and balancing. One of my friends suggested putting you on the sofa (it’s soft all round and there’s support at your back), so we did and you basically managed it right from the off.

Okay, so it’s a bit hit and miss. I think your balance is the issue more than strength because you can sit on my knee for ages quite happily, but if I let you sit on the couch without propping you up at the back you tend to topple sideways or forwards after a minute or two. It’s a start though, and since you’ve always been happier when you can look around and see what’s going on being able to sit up and play instead of lying down will hopefully make you much more content.

As you’re nearly six months old, we also took our first tentative steps into weaning.

We started with some incredibly runny baby rice and baby porridge (they’re basically just powders you thicken to whatever consistency you like) to make sure you’d lost your tongue thrust reflex.

We looked for other things we could give you. In the absence of a blender, we were limited to things that were either soft to begin with or that we could reasonably mash with a fork. Weetabix (goes like mush when you add milk), banana (attacked with a fork until it was a vaguely lumpy kind of paste) and steamed carrots (which you mostly licked).

Tonight you had an Ella’s Kitchen Lentil and Vegetable pouch – with cumin, which is maybe a brave choice, but it went down with a few interesting facial expressions – and a tomato and basil Melty Stick. Dad’s trousers got quite a lot of sticky hands all over them, but he doesn’t mind.

You’ve yet to refuse something, so that’s a positive sign. Hopefully you’ll end up a lover of most things like me and I’ll have someone to go to restaurants with. Dad is so picky!

I can’t wait to see what you do next. You’re turning into a little person with a personality (and a temper) rather than just a baby. It’s terrifying and brilliant. I hope I’m doing you justice as a mum.

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