October 2nd 2020: Road Trip!

October 2nd 2020: Road Trip!

Dear Edith,

We just got back from your first ever holiday! Off we went to Derby to stay with your great-nana and great-grandad for a few days. A bit of a nerve-wracking prospect given a) the current climate and b) the fact that it’s nearly five hours away in the car, and that’s without stopping. We’ve never been in the car with you for that long.

You didn’t like it much. I had to sit in the car with you on the way back.

You had a great time on holiday – Granny Leigh and Grandad bought you a Jumparoo, and you LOVE it. You’re getting fed up of lying down because you can’t see what’s going on, so the moment you found out you were upright AND you could hop about you were grinning and shouting HEEEE.

You weren’t daft on the travel cot, which is weird because you’ve slept in it at Granny’s house before. At one point you were sleeping on Dad’s side of the bed while he was lying horizontally across the bottom of the bed. We tried putting blankets under a tablecloth to make it comfier, leaving a light on, white noise…I still don’t think you slept more than two hours at once on any of the nights.

You probably know you’re named after your great-great-nana, Edith May. (We didn’t know her middle name was May until she told us. Your middle name comes from your great-granny, and it was a brilliant coincidence when we found out.)

It was her 100th birthday this month, and there was a party. We love a party.

It was a chance for us to show you off to the family you hadn’t met. We were originally planning a visit in July while we were in England anyway for a Magic: the Gathering event, but obviously because of the pandemic that was called off. I’m glad we got a chance to visit while you were still tiny.

You behaved impeccably, even though the room was warm and busy and overwhelming. You sat on everyone’s knee and smiled, and ripped up the tablecloth after a bit of encouragement from great-uncle Nigel.

The highlight, though, was seeing you sitting on your great-great-nana’s knee. As the Derby Telegraph said, four generations and 100 years between you, but you’re united by a name. And having seen her doing the cancan in the hallway on the way to her birthday party, I can’t imagine a better person for you to take after.

The weekend proved one thing as well: you are loved, universally, by everyone that meets you.

It was my birthday last week as well. I spent my 28th last year in the throes of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and my 29th with PND and the anxiety of COVID-19 case numbers rising again in Scotland. I don’t think anyone envisaged spending their birthday like this last year, but at least we can still see family, we can

I feel that another lockdown is looming. There are already some new restrictions in place: hospitality venues must close at 10pm, people aren’t allowed to meet in houses any more. Schools all over the place are reporting cases and closing and sending whole year groups home to self-isolate.

It’s getting harder and harder to stay positive. Not knowing when we’re going to come out of this is the most difficult bit. I can’t look forward to Christmas, your first birthday, any other milestones because I don’t know if we’re going to be able to celebrate them with our family or what the state of the world is going to be.

I’m glad that we’ve made friends and there are Facebook and WhatsApp groups this time. It makes the thought of another lockdown feel a bit less lonely.

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